Object of Cultural Heritage No 5438

Project author: Maxim Makhov

In April 2017, one of the largest Internet archives 123Dcatch.com, containing 3d-models scanned by users from all over the world with the use of photography (one model of about 3-40 photos), ceased to exist.

Plastic objects in the work tent are one of the possible implementations of these cultural media artifacts that have disappeared from free access. These objects were created using 3D-printing technology and will continue to be created during the whole term of this working group.

The selection of objects for printing occurred based on a consumer rating using the «top-down» method: one object with the highest rating, then one with the lowest rating, etc.

Further research and sorting of this part of the cultural media archaeological heritage will also be carried out on the basis of the analysis of the source textures, examples of which are presented on 50x50 square prints on a neutral gray background. The methods used are similar to methods for analyzing the outer (upper) layers of artifacts (e.g., skin or fur) in classical archeology.


The purpose of this working group is the reconstruction (reactivation) of the media cultural layer presented in the above-mentioned disappeared archive.   

Year: 2017.