Project author: Kirill Savchenkov

All these forces may provoke in him violent desire focused on destruction. He wants to be №1 at least at something. This evil inside a man seeks to be incarnated. But this image is as unreachable, as a utopian dream. Someone drives a police car and preys on pretty girls to their taste. Someone tries to outdo the famous maniac from the late '80s. The inaccessibility of the desired sexual and high social status in society where success and status are the main goal and value of an individual, are the main factors negatively affecting the person's psyche. This work is about tension of a person living in a big city. Environment itself gives birth to tension, which is then projected towards it. The city became a place of unfulfilled dreams. In real life people keep themselves aloof from each other, only to compensate it with virtual communication. Even the relations between sexes have become virtual. The image of desire, created within media, has gradually turned into reality.

Year: 2012.