Chinese Whispers

Project author: Marina Rudenko

Installation consists of old smartphones with applications for children, that are repeating every world told aloud. The main theme of the project - communication error. Old smartphones don’t suit their owners anymore and they buy new models with better camera and new functions. 

Humanity tries to make it’s life easier: you don’t need landline phones at home anymore and phone booths are still actual only in London. Paradoxically, it's more difficult to be closer to each other in the situation of high technology development. Real emotions and communications are replaced by virtual reality. 


All smartphones used in the project were found through the social networks (contemporary means of communication). Mostly, smartphones are broken, but some of them are partly damaged or just not fashionable anymore. Installed applications with kittens and puppies repeating every sound: it’s like children’s game "Chinese Whispers", when one by one people tell to each other phrase and to the end it’s meaning is absolutely changed. But in the modern world people talk only with themselves and get artificial feedback. And children play games with their own gadgets...

Year: 2015.