Project author: Polina Kozlova

I believe that beneath the ordinary layer of reality that we encounter every day there is something else – where people don’t look at all. Objects, patterns and images, which surround us in the streets, are hidden under the layer of habitual; merged and fused with it. This situation can be described as an ‘impairment of the rights of visual minorities’.

For me as an artist it becomes important to demonstrate the captured images and to construct an illusory visual system, which will legitimise them in the visual environment. In the modern world where the stream of selfies competes with the pictures of war and catastrophes, the photographs that I make have very little chance. They lack the enchantment with the beauty of nature resurrected by the neoromantism in photography; the popular representation of suburbs as landscape massifs and even the fetishisation of everyday and street objects. When the viewer is standing in front of the ‘Enter’, he/she finds himself in the same situation as in the street. However, in the exhibition space he/she gets an opportunity to rehabilitate oneself.

Year: 2015.