Level eight

The graduation exhibition of the Rodchenko Moscow school of Photography and Multimedia is held for the eighth time this year, but for the first time this exhibition is based on the principle of an immersive installation. ”Level Eight" consists of the works of thirty graduates that are united neither by a linear narrative nor by a common theme: each visiter has an opportunity to modify their route through the exhibition. Such game elements are present not only in the opposition between the work and the viewer, but also in the relationships between the artists and between their works. "Level Eight" is made up of different layers of reality – this is a game-like competition between former classmates and at the same time a collection of alternative themes and practices: some graduates are working directly with modernity, some have escaped to the futuristic virtual reality, and of course there are projects researching memory and archives. Both the audience and the artists themselves can try to pass this level unlimited number of times – like in a video game - to produce in each case a new show and a new viewpoint on the current landscape of the young Russian contemporary art.

Exhibition dates
01 June 2017 — 11 June 2017