Journey from Peterburg to Moscow

Project author: Ekaterina Lazareva

The project is based on reenactment of the known critical story of the same name written by Aleksandr Radishchev in 1790 and printed without censorship approval (actually it was one of the first secular samizdat) for which the author was condemned to death and after mitigation of the punishment was exiled to Siberia. Repeating the route described in the book, the author tries to read Radishchev's text as though it was written today. The materials were shoot since April 2011 till February 2012 – the time of unprecedented public protests in Russia that seem to revive history and political struggle. "The Journey from Petersburg to Moscow" marking the beginning of Russian revolutionary democratic thought here becomes a starting point for a reflection about "critical" and "political" art today, while Radischev’s fairly forgotten rhetoric suddenly appears improbably actual. The reading of Radischev’s text with a megaphone in an empty field, forest or grove remind of the loneliness of the same Radishchev’s protest in his era and the protest feelings that millions of Russian citizens shared just recently until they were the, work connects elements of documentary cinema (a road movie, interview to experts, my own reporting openly expressed.

Year: 2012.