Let me wake up

Project author: Daria Kalugina

In one of the side operations of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros, main character of the game, Snake ought to evacuate the double agent from enemy's military base. In the very last scene, rescued agent, who appears to be Hideo Kojima, the author and director of Metal Gear series, till recently the vice-president of Konami studio, appeals to player through the screen: "What took you so long, Snake?" Author of the game nearly completely identified with it, talk to the player, completely identified with protagonist. 


The project «Let me wake up» appears as the model decoration of the scene prepared for shooting in mocap suits, but there is nobody to shoot. Only some texts left around the installation consist of quotations from TV series, literature, popular movies and games. These scripts are divided between three characters: the Author of the abstract game, the Player, who is manipulated by the Author, and the Protagonist, who just lives according to the plot of the potential game. The each of texts is a narrative about the same subject but told from three different point of view. The imaginary characters are in some way or another influenced by each other, manipulated by each other.



The spectators are offered to choose the position to the installation: they could  take a place according to the marks on the floor and start reading the script, either to stand on the potential camera position, which is marked with a dot and arrows or just pass by the installation.

Year: 2015.