The sky over routine

Project author: Anastasiya Belousova

The Sky Over Routine

"Seeing the world" means noticing one's cities. The new format of life in the pandemic era has forced people to become confined to their own homes.
Every environment affects a person, especially when it becomes habitual. I made an attempt to explore space in the north of New Moscow by taking an aerial trip up the Shodnya River.

In today's world, travel is unthinkable without drones. While expanding visual space during trips, operators, however, forget to capture traces of the close, constantly changing, urban and natural landscape.

Photos from the sky remind us of the cinematic tradition of the initial panorama, and the monochrome tones give the cold winter a special mythological touch. Familiar locations from an unusual overhanging angle allow you to slow down and pay attention to the details. A winding river and a winding city overpass are capable of generating abstract drawings similar to the works of Japanese calligraphers; shots of enclosed residential complexes from the sky recreate the scheme of non-existent fortress cities, and images of fishermen at the ice hole refer to the paintings of Albrecht Dürer.

The experiment shows that you don't have to leave the city to see Swiss landscapes. It is enough to get out of your routine and turn to reality. Are pictures from the sky proof of that or a way to throw off the trail?

Year: 2022.