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Project author: Kristina Matveeva

In the conditions when a person yields his soul to the digit, does the digit acquire flesh? 

This work makes a speculative attempt to enable each number from 0 to 9 to gain animation in the flow of big data, and to consider its materiality in the modern world. 

The essential embodiment of the decentralised nervous system is the octopus, each of whose limbs can move independently of the others. The role of the brain in such a device is secondary, and the regulatory system is horizontal. Human communities, on the other hand, are more often hierarchical and centralised. A similar logic is projected onto the numbers. 

The digit is an agent of optimisation, efficiency, and data transfer speed. Speed and visibility, as necessary characteristics of an effective system, are found in the logistics of the material identification of employees by means of a badge. In terms of the installation, the digit acts on the one hand as an employee and on the other as a carrier. This connection reinforces its potential request for identification. 

In the project each digit is enclosed in an open circle, referring to the order of the numbers on the dial. The gap in the circle can serve as a culturally entrenched area for numbers, since numbers are inseparable from time as a factor. But it is also a potential entry or exit from the time plane. 

Is it possible to talk about the feeling of a number, and not the feeling of time or speed? Is the badge, as a portal carrying a trail of corporate culture, capable of allowing each individual digit to atomise and feel (itself)?

Year: 2021.