Project author:

Print on recycled paper

Rubbish is gradually becoming a new geological layer of the earth, and giant landfills form a new landscape that is already easily seen from a satellite. Landfills are new monuments of the Anthropocene era and an impressive form of land art, with millions of people unintentionally participating in their creation. We have all sent our rubbish bin to their construction over and over again. In the future our descendants will study the present era by means of these huge garbage ziggurats. So why not take a look at this new attraction? 
The project includes an excursion to a landfill; a panel created from photos of the life of the landfill and documentation of my excursions there; a sculpture that is a fragment of the new geological layer — this is a piece of land from the Kuchino landfill near Moscow. So there are only prints and traces at the actual exhibition. After all, it’s impossible to see the monuments themselves in a comfortable museum. My exposition simply invites you to go to the rubbish mountain now. Otherwise it will come to you in the future.
Year: 2021.