An obviously needed order of things 

Project author: Dareja Seniceva

Installation, objects, video

“I saw a happy man whose cherished dream had so obviously come true, who was satisfied with his fate, with himself. For some reason there was always something sad associated with my thoughts on human happiness, but now, at the sight of a happy person, a heavy feeling close to despair took hold of me.”

From the destroyed to the collected and vice versa — watching this universal process the whole time, only ‘the little man’ remained unchanged for me.

The broken way of life and the devalued land of the island ready to take new multi-storey forms have become the common and only unstable process for both of us.

Scrap metal, what remains of generational vegetable gardens and the last remnants before new facets of concrete — collected by him for life, and by me for the beauty of shimmering places that change their shape on the map.

Observation and implementation became about what we take from a place and what it gives, the exchange of things and their meaning. I began to think there was nothing in this order but destruction.

Year: 2022.