The psychiatric asylum in Dranda (Abkhasia)

Project author: Tatiana Il‘ina

The condidions in the asylum are extremely hard. Many of the patients took part in war between Georgia and Abkhasia. Thoe people are especially respected, the presonnel tells much about them and allows to communicate with them. But there are others – with different fates and characters.

The first person we occasionally met was ex-master of sport on box. He got to hospital with his brothers. The doctors spoke about him warmly and kindly. When he saw us he said: "there are no mentally ill people because they have no God". He spoke much and beautifully, always appeared unexpectedly in black coat with raised collar and looked at us kindly and mysteriously.

We were surprised to see how people can leave in their own world seeing nothing, without any complaints, being sincerely happy becuase somebody came to them.