Project author: Mikhail Novickij

The world inhabited by the reenactor is in decay. He wants to update it according to the archetype. Based on the fact that only something unconditionally significant is worth to be reenacted, I am undertaking a search for my own personal ‘unconditionally significant’. My goal is to find punctum, a starting point, a personal experience, which will make possible my own reenactment as a free and meaningful statement. The area of research includes male communities of reenactments of historical combats with their specifically patriarchal psychology. At the heart of the project lies a research, which is fulfilled in the course of meetings with random community members. The research is spontaneous and intentionally personal. It includes documentation, personal notes and staged photographs and resembles a conversation between the photographer, the viewer and the person photographed. The result of this research is my reenactment as a reflection on the clash of patriarchal and feminist ideas of victim and humiliation.    

Year: 2015.