Super Valuable Fixation

Project author: Viktoria Chupakhina


 Low self-esteem is only one of the reasons why women can find themselves dependent on the goodwill of a man. Even women with a firmly established sense of their own worth are not immune, since dependence develops gradually, step-by-step. Stereotypes that formed their consciousness, their desires and goals during childhood are highly significant here: the ritual of marriage, the importance of the family as an institution, love as portrayed in films and songs, ‘just like everyone else’, ‘normal’, ‘love is blind’, the attitude of parents, ‘ordinary womanly happiness’, ‘your husband is your master’ and so on, ad infinitum. But there is more to it. The Woman herself (her female nature) is fertile ground for the cultivation of such problems. The saying goes that there is no end, in principle, to the female ‘love dominant’. It knows no bounds, so they say. Supposedly this gives rise to sacrifice, submission, readiness to forgive anything, etc. Rather than submitting to one particular man, women yield to the ‘animal instinct’ inside them. Concepts such as ‘love’, ‘family’, ‘fidelity’, ‘faith’, ‘trust’ and ‘understanding’ undergo a change. Everything reverts to idolatry, it is reduced to sacrifice. Coercion (of any kind – psychological, sexual, isolation and so on) as a series of actions triggers a panicky feeling of fear by its cyclical nature. Psychological counselling, mediums and other forms of healing may provide help, but not for long. The cycle is hard to break. A woman considered inadequate in her relations with the external world finds herself, so to speak, in the space she herself was obliged to create – in the swamp she perceived as warm and comfortable. Her real life can only be in the past, where everything was not so bad after all. Or an entirely different chain ensues: I’m afraid – I remember – I’m afraid – I remember, which is very effective for domestication. For a woman in this situation the categories of present and future cease to exist. The present is fear; the future is yearning for the past. Something extreme (an action or situation) which for indeterminate reasons cannot be perceived as the norm in her personal swamp forces the woman to see sense. But naturally, this is not a joyful recovery. And then… as I see it, if we speak of feelings… this discovery by the woman of her image, her realisation of herself (regardless of whether this was achieved with the help of these psychologists or not) as an inferior being, an animal, actually incites her to oppose the image.

The painful image of a pig-woman is apparently very popular. The pig is seen as an object that can be possessed at any given moment. As an animal completely subordinate to its master. Of course the pig-woman is a hunk of meat with a paralysed intellect, a live object. And at the same time, there is a ‘female mechanism’ at work: it is impossible to want a man who cannot possess you. Desire appears in conjunction with the inner conviction of yourself as a thing, as someone else’s property.

Year: 2011.