To Pavel

Project author: Evgenia Chapajkina

The children birth is most often presented unilaterally and associated with such ideas as happiness, harmony, family, care etc. The first time I faced it being pregnant at the age of 19. That time it seemed that everything happening to me was beautiful and I was ready to become a mother. And I`ve become her. But the information stream around me that time didn’t say that along with common changes, complex hidden processes begin to exist in women’s consciousness that are reduced by society to “postnatal depression”. Literally completely new phase begins when you stop to belong to yourself only. Someone has these processes going smooth and unconscious. It was important and shocking for me to realize the necessity of refusing the part of personal freedom and private space and to admit it.



If I was asked to describe in a few words what I feel towards the children and what is transforming into reality, I would say, that in first case it`s tenderness and anxiety; and in the second – distance and care.

Year: 2015.