Проекты > riders on the storm Сведения об образовательной организации
riders on the storm

Автор проекта: Максим Козлов

There is no vernacular photography in its common history. The intentions dedicated to the analysis of the mass rhythms are in a much grayer corner than knowing all about art-based pictures of authors who are fighting over being inscribed in the official history of an aesthetic impact.

The creators of the images comprising the archive 'Riders on the storm' do not attempt high-quality pictures. Regardless, they strive to tell their viewers a true story about the placing of small hidden miniboxes in post-soviet urban landscapes. Documentation reaches its apogee in this regard. The photography, which was installed on an assembly line in the illegal drug business, has turned into a utilitarian territory. This approach to photography is emerging by means of creating images due to the necessity to display the intended purpose and should therefore be deleted. It's some kind of one-off function, which delivers essential information through the image to the receiver, and then becomes meaningless.

The spots with the secret stash are captured very quickly in one take. Then, this kind of "accidental" images and a link to location are traded for screenshots of payment confirmation from the customer. Then the buyers go on searching for the place and have fun in case of a successful find. Thus, the spirit of the "decisive moment" covers all of these images and makes them treasurable for human vision, yet only for a limited period.

Год: 2021.
Проекты > riders on the storm Сведения об образовательной организации